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If a member of your family or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer, it can be a stressful and worrying experience.  

The information on this website is primarily targeted toward the person with cancer and their needs. 

Family member and carers for people with cancer have their own needs, such as: 

  • Need for support
  • Need for information
  • Need to look after themselves 

A team of researchers in Queen’s University Belfast have developed a website for family members and carers, called Cancer Caring Coping

Website link:

The Cancer Caring Coping website was developed in partnership with people who have been affected by the cancer diagnosis of a loved one. It focuses on the stories and experiences of real cancer caregivers who want to give support, advice and tips for coping in the caring role. 

We encourage you to visit this website and explore the content there, to understand how you can best look after yourself while supporting your loved one. 

Louise Brennan
Author: Louise Brennan