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We’re delighted to announce that recruitment has now opened for phase 2 of the PERCS study and assessments will start from January 2023.

You might have received a letter about this study, or you may have heard through word of mouth. We hope the information below is helpful in understanding this phase (phase 2) of the study, and you can also see our About PERCS page for an overview of the entire study.

In this video, our Principal Investigator Dr Emer Guinan discusses the aims of the PERCS study

What is the PERCS study about?

In this study, we are looking at a new type of assessment and referral system to help people who have had cancer to become more active and improve their overall health.

By individually assessing each person’s needs, we can understand what kind of exercise or rehabilitation service they require. This helps us connect the right person to the right service at the right time, leading to a better experience for patients and an effective system for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Who can participate?

We are inviting people who had treatment for cancer in St James’s Hospital between March 2020 and May 2022 to attend a Cancer Rehabilitation Assessment Clinic in St James Hospital.

We welcome a range of participants to the study – from those who have been severely affected by their cancer, to those who feel they are doing well, despite the cancer diagnosis.

What happens at the assessment?

At the assessment, we will assess participants activity levels, physical function and general wellbeing. After the assessment, we will make a recommendation for what exercise may help in their recovery. Depending on their abilities and needs, this recommendation could involve a referral to a community exercise service or a specialist physiotherapist or it could be a recommendation to continue with current activities.

The aim of the clinic is to refer patricipants to the service which could best help them to become more active, thus helping in their overall recovery from cancer treatment.

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information on the About PERCS page of this website.

A copy of our Participant Information Leaflet is available to download at the link below

Participant Information Leaflet PDF

You can also contact us by email at or using our website contact form

Louise Brennan
Author: Louise Brennan