Patient and Public Involvement in PERCS

Website Co-design

Input from Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) representatives has been instrumental in guiding all stages of PERCS project, including this website.

We used a ‘co-design’ approach to develop the website. Through working with PPI representatives we learnt:

  • There is a lack of information about how to increase your activity levels after cancer
  • It can be challenging to find local exercise or rehabilitation services which are suitable for people with cancer
  • A simple website with links to reliable external sources and a list of local services could be a helpful way to support people looking to become more active

We worked closely with web developers to create this site in line with the requests from PPI representatives, and will continue to develop the site throughout the project.

If you are a patient, family member, carer or healthcare professional and would like to contact us about this website, please click below or email us:

Further PPI involvement

PERCS Trial Management Group is proud to have several PPI representatives as core members. They are involved in the design and planning of the study.

PERCS PPI reps are also engaged in dissemination of our research work, and are co-authors on a presentation at the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists Annual Conference 2022.