Online Exercise Programmes

There are many great resources online to help you become more active. You can find exercise videos or programmes for all levels of fitness and ability.

If you are searching online yourself, you should choose resources which come from a qualified healthcare professional, a healthcare services or a registered cancer charity. This will help reassure you that the information you are seeing is reliable and accurate.

We have listed below a selection of excellent online exercise programmes. These programmes were developed by experts in cancer rehabilitation who are all happy to share their information and videos through this website.


Prehab4Cancer is a Manchester-based cancer prehabilitation service, which supports people to cope with cancer treatment and feel better, physically and mentally.

The team at Prehab4Cancer have created a series of exercise videos on YouTube which you can follow at home to help you prepare for cancer treatment. These videos can also be used during and after treatment.

Prehab4Cancer YouTube Channel (link)

The YouTube channel has three exercise video playlists – select which playlist best suits your fitness and energy levels.

  • Level 1 is the most gentle
  • Level 2 is more challenging
  • Level 3 is the most advanced

In each playlist, there is a video for:

  • Warm up
  • Core exercises
  • Upper body strengthening
  • Lower body strengthening
  • Cardiovascular fitness.
  • Cool down

More information on Prehab4Cancer:

Moving Through Cancer

Moving Through Cancer is a website created by Professor Kathyrn Schmitz, a world-leading researcher on exercise in cancer. Moving Through Cancer includes lots of exercise videos for all different levels of fitness and needs.

The Moving Through Cancer exercise video library can be found here:

Within the library, you can view short videos on recovery after specific surgeries:


For those with restricted mobility, there is a chair-based exercise video:

Prof Schmitz has also written a book for patients called ‘Moving Through Cancer’ containing a 21-day programme of strength training and exercise for cancer prevention and recovery

The ONE Group

The ONE Group (Oncology-Nutrition-Exercise) is a cancer rehabilitation research group led by global cancer rehabilitation expert Prof Kathryn Schmitz. Their website has lots of exercise videos for all abilities.

The ONE Group exercise library:

Scroll through the pages to see the different exercise programmes the ONE Group have created, including:

Cuisle Cancer Support Centre

Cuisle Cancer Support Centre in Portlaoise have created a series of guided mindfulness and stretching videos.

These videos can be used to wind down after an exercise session. You can also follow them on days when your energy is low or when you are allowing your body to rest.

Find the mindfulness and stretching videos here:

On the same page, there are videos of guided stretching routines from a Cancer Rehabilitation Specialist Physiotherapist. These routines are performed in sitting or in lying.