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This website mainly focuses on the topic of physical activity in cancer, however we understand you may have questions about other aspects of cancer survivorship.

Below we have listed some recommended resources for different topics in cancer care and survivorship. We will grow this list over time and please get in touch if you know of a good resource or there is a topic you’d like to find information on which we have not included.

Please note, the resources listed here are for general information only and, as always, we recommend you speak with a health care professional for advice and information which is specific to you.

You can find information on a wider range of cancer survivorship topics on the Irish Cancer Society’s website, particularly in the section ‘Cancer Information and Support’

Gynaecological cancer is an online personalised resource for anyone who has been impacted by a gynaecological cancer. The website is tailored to meet all the information needs of people with gynaecological cancer by providing accessible, up-to-date and accurate information.

This helpful and accessible resource was developed in Ireland by the Living Well Cancer Programme based in the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, in close collaboration with patient and public representatives at all stages. is part of the Irish Cancer Society’s Women’s Health Initiative (WHI).

Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer

CanTeen Ireland

CanTeen Ireland is a nationwide support group which aims to support, develop and empower young people between the ages of 12 and 25 years who have or have had cancer.

CanTeen run 7 to 8 weekends away each year to different activity centres, where young people can challenge their perceptions of their own abilities and achievements, and build self-esteem. They also have 5 to 6 support meetings each year, where members can talk about their experiences with cancer and meet other young people with similar experiences.

Membership is free and currently CanTeen has over 260 members.

Visit the CanTeen website for more information on the organisation and the services they provide:

Support for Parents

Childhood Cancer Ireland and CanTeen Ireland, run a peer-to-peer support service for parents and adult family members of CAYAs with cancer.

Childhood Cancer Ireland has two trained peer support volunteers to offer emotional support to parents. To be referred, call the Irish Cancer Society – 1800 200 700 (Freephone) or email

The Irish Cancer Society website has information for parents of children with a cancer diagnosis, and you can contact their support line to get in touch with a Children’s Cancer Nurse who can offer information and support. Freephone 1800 200 700

CAYAS Conference

Children, Adolescent, Young Adult Cancers Survivorship is an annual conference for anyone impacted by, or with an interest in Childhood, Adolescent & Young Adult cancers and survivorship.

This conference brings together people with a lived experience of childhood, adolescent or young adult cancer, as well as national organisations including  the National Cancer Control Programme, the Irish Cancer Society, Children’s Health Ireland and CanTeen Ireland.

The event is free to attend and you can find more details on the conference website

Returning to Work

There are some excellent online resources available for people in Ireland who are returning to work after cancer treatment.

Marie Keating Back to Work Guide

The Marie Keating Foundation has created a Guide for Employees and Employers with detailed advice on returning to work, what to expect and how best to plan for it. The guide provides perspectives of cancer survivors who have returned to work, and also gives information for employers on how to support people affected by cancer in the workplace.

The guide can be downloaded at the following link:

Returning to Work After Cancer presentation

In this presentation from the Living Well With and Beyond Cancer Conference 2022, Dr Naomi Algeo, Occupational Therapist and Cancer Survivorship Researcher, discusses cancer and employment in Ireland as well as employment rights and entitlements in the context of a cancer diagnosis.

Dr Algeo discusses strategies to manage cancer and treatment-related side-effects such as fatigue and brain-fog in the workplace, as well as how to navigate a phased return to work.

The video is available on the Irish Cancer Society’s YouTube channel via the link below:

Louise Brennan
Author: Louise Brennan