Exercise Programmes

Exercise videos from St James's Hospital

You can follow the St James’s exercise videos if you wish to exercise at home during or after cancer.

View this introduction video to learn more

Select the exercise plan that you feel best reflects your current fitness levels.

Level One

I’m new to exercise or my fitness levels are currently low

Level Two

I’m ready to progress to more challenging exercises

The videos in this section were created by Dr Gráinne Sheill, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist in Cancer Rehabilitation at St James’s Hospital, with thanks to funding from an Irish Cancer Society Stimulus Award.

  • Level One: If you are not currently exercising or do not exercise often, start slowly by using the ‘Level One’ videos.
  • Level Two: Once you are more comfortable with exercising, you can begin with these more challenging videos.

Online Exercise Programmes

Recommended resources from our international colleagues to help you become more active.

If you need help getting started or want to make a plan tailored to your needs, please contact a Chartered Physiotherapist, who will help you to become more active in a safe and supportive way.

You can search our Services Directory for a local physiotherapist.

Also, the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists website has a helpful ‘Find a Physio’ search function.

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